The Hypercube

A strange cube that is or harbors an alien entity.


Although made of some sort of metal, it has some transparent qualities like a crystal. It glows with streaks of orange inner light as it evolves constantly into ever more impossible geometries. The cube harbors an intelligence that is difficult to comprehend and possesses power not fully understood.

From what little communication you have had with the entity, it appears to be from a distant realm of inexplicable qualities that defy space, time and sanity. It occasionally bleeds such traits into the neighboring area with a very low, barely audible vibration. Such effects are unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. Thankfully, the entity within the cube feels a certain benevolence toward the party for retrieving it from it’s ‘prison’ where The Strangers locked it eons ago… not to imply that they are safe from it’s influence.


The Hypercube

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