Hypvaliidedarix (Darix)

Joke-loving copper dragon.


Darix is a mature adult copper dragon that lives in the a large chamber of a newly rediscovered dwarven city. He has lived most of his life here and knows much about area and it’s creatures. He has a great interest in people, but a bad experience with a village of humans in his younger days left him fearful to live too close and thus he’s content to converse with the rare adventurer that stumbles across him.

He has a great interest in difficult puzzles and riddles and constructed a ‘challenge dungeon’ of sorts inside of the dwarven ruins where eager visitors may test their wit for treasures from his horde. He claims to have made several such dungeons all around the area which serve to entertain the dragon greatly as he watches his challengers fail against his enigmas.


Hypvaliidedarix (Darix)

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