Araneae, The Staff of Spiders


This black metal staff is 5 feet tall and worked with the forms of spiders from top to bottom. It radiates a certain malevolence about it that makes you uneasy.

Long ago, a high priestess to Lloth, obsessed with an undying love for spiders, created this staff. In a painful ritual lasting several days and blessed by Lloth herself, she bond her soul to the staff, giving it sentience and power. The priestess gave herself a new name… Araneae. The staff is prized by the Drow and consider it one of their most sacred artifacts. It was stolen from them somewhat recently and they have sought it ever since.

While she is more wicked and manipulative than she ever was in the flesh, she can bond with those who share her devotion and admiration for spiderkind and allow them to tap into her true powers.


Araneae, The Staff of Spiders

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