PC Bases

White Tiger Adventurer’s Guild HQ
Two stories, primarily stone, well built.
8 Bedrooms. 2 Privies. 1 Kitchen. 1 Large dining/meeting area. 1 Storage area w/ gated vault. 1 Library. 1 Lab. 1 Extra Room. Central defensive tower.

Pyremius Complex (unoccupied)
Multilevel, primary sandstone, well built.
Has several rooms, including a prison. Contains a functional elven portal. Still contains equipment and bodies scattered about from previous party raid.


The White Tiger Inn (Suul)
Two stories, primarily wood, fair build.
6 Common Bedrooms, Medium-Sized Tavern Hall (40 people).
Best inn in town. Common furniture and food.

PC Bases

DnD 3.5 (Terra) UltimaVirus