Notable Magic Items

Note from DM: This list includes unique items identified by players whether or not they current own the item.

Octahedron of Death
This pitch-black crystal is the size of a large fist and cut into the shape of an octahedron. Holding it with both hands causes you to feel as if your very soul is being drawn to it.
Once per week, a person can concentrate on the crystal as a full round action and attack a single creature by tugging on its life force. The wielder makes a ranged touch attack. If the attack succeeds the creature gain 1d6 negative levels and the wielder heals 5hp per level drained. If the energy drain kills the creature, it becomes a Wight in 1d4 rounds. If used too often, it causes 1d20 negative energy damage with no save. Undead struck by ray gain 1d4x4 hp.
Market Value: 10,000g.
Note: This item is linked directly to the negative energy plane.

The First Shadow Band of Sel Kurr
A smoky gray, semi-translucent ring.
+10 to hide and move silently. Wearer becomes shadowy and insubstantial.
This is an at-will effect.
Market Value: Priceless

The Second Shadow Band of Sel Kurr
A smoky gray, semi-translucent ring.
+2 Shadow Bonus to AC, stacks.
(Additional effects with other rings)
Market Value: Priceless

Ring of the Eye
This golden ring has small runes circling around it. In its head is a green gem that looks remarkably like a green, reptilian eye. When seen with True Sight the eye appears alive and darts rapidly, scanning the area around it.
+2 to Initiative
Anyone with The Staff of The Eye can see using their natural vision through this ring.
Value: 1,000g.

Staff of The Eye
The staff is made of reddish-brown maple, faintly knotted. At its head, clasp in tangled wood is a glass orb. When held, a large green reptilian eye, wreathed in green fire stares directly at you.
Locate Object (1 Charge)
See Invisibility (1 Charge)
Arcane Eye (2 Charges)
Scrying (2 Charges)
True Seeing (3 Charges)
Charges: 25
Note: Can always Scry against the ring.
Strong Divination CL10 20,000g

Bracers of Sorcerer’s Blood, Lesser (Level 2)
These electrum bracers each have small half-spheres at the top filled with blood. Runes are etched around the vials and you can feel the bracers pulse briefly every time you cast a spell.

Wearer turns a level 2 spell slot into a spontaneous spell that does not need advanced preparation.

Value: 3,000g

The Heart of Magi (Artifact)
This large hunk of semi-translucent red crystal always appears to be soaked in blood. It is shaped roughly like a human heart and acts accordingly with synchronized beats of vibration and crimson inner light.

In order to effectively use The Heart, the user must have their own heart cleanly removed and The Heart put in its place. The wound promptly heals and the magic of The Heart takes effect immediately and binds itself permanently to the user.

1. The user is immune to poison and non-magical disease.
2. The user gains an inherent +4 to Constitution.
3. The user remains conscious and disable between -1 and -9 hit points as per the Diehard feat.
4. Cannot be resurrected without a Wish or Miracle.

Value: Priceless

The Ring of The Viper
This ring is made of carved green stone shaped like a winding snake. Its surface gleams like scales on occasion.

Once per day, for up to one hour, the ring allows the wearer to transform into a medium viper with all extraordinary abilities as an alternate form. Items held merge into the new form and spellcasting is impossible.

The user also has the added ability of being able to communicate verbally with reptilian animals at will as if they were under the effects of Speak with Animals.

Value: 3,000g

Regenerative Salve
This small glass vial has a metal screw top and is filled with a thick red paste. It is completely odorless.

The vial contains three application of a paste that heals 4d8+5 damage and regenerates lost limbs over an hour when applied directly to the wound.

Value: 2,000g

Replicator Wand
This thin, silvery wand is covered in strange hieroglyphic-like symbols.
Acts like a Major Creation wand, but instant and a mere 1 cubic foot. Has 10 charges.

The Band of Virtuous Light (Minor Artifact)
This simple band swirls constantly with gold and mithril as if they were liquids. Occasionally, lights peaks from behind the colors, like the sun on a cloudy day.

“Speak of fire and may it light your way. Speak of the sun and may it banish darkness.”
“Speak of life and may it mend you. Speak of light and may darkness fear you.”

Fire: Acts as permanent sunrod (30ft bright, 30ft shadowy)
Sun: 1/day Daylight (1hr, 60ft bright, 60ft shadowy)
Life: Cure Serious Wounds (1 charge) 3d8+5, can be used by touch.
Light: Positive Energy Burst (1 charge) 3d8+5 for each charge, 15ft radius.
Prevent Death: Deadly attack brings wearer to 1hp instead. Uses all charges.
The ring charges after a week in holy water.
All activations are STANDARD ACTIONS

Sacred Notes of Notroxerus
Written in Gnome
This bundle of parchment is bound by a silver cord tagged with the holy symbol of Garl Glittergold. They are the notes of a gnome wizard by the name of George Nuvwater regarding an alleged vision granted to him by the gnome god. Arcane notes describe the power to create a ‘living illusion’ though an extended and holy ritual.

Tome of the Fire Blessing
Written in Ignan
This book is banded in roughly beaten iron and is warm to the touch. The edges of its pages are scorched and the aroma of burning cinders surrounds it. The book is written by a Salamander by the name of Combosta and speaks of a method to protect oneself from the raging infernos of The Plane of Fire using the incantations from this book..

Hypercube (Intelligent Artifact)
This metal cube-like object glows with streaks of orange inner light as it evolves constantly into ever more impossible geometries.

Pendant of Syrenal
This mithral pendant, hung on a silver chain. While worn around the neck, the pendant focuses positive energies around the wearer. This makes it impossible for any undead creature to physically approach or manifest within five feet of the wearer. Since most undead creatures use their body parts as weapons (claws, bite, touch, etc),only those few who use long or ranged weapons or attacks are any threat to the wearer. The pendant does not protect the wearer against ranged attacks, like as the domination ability of vampires, but it provides absolute protection from energy draining.
Market Price: 7,000 gp

Platinum Urchin
This seemingly normal platinum coin springs into a painful urchin of spikes in the hand of those who would dare grasp it.

Grasping the coin causes 1d4 lethal damage and prevents of the use of the hand until the user makes a DC 15 Strength check and takes an additional 1d4 damage. After being released, the coin returns to normal. A DC 15 Heal check removes the coin and prevents the damage.

Market Price: 1,000 gp

Cloak of Absent-Minded Strength
This red cloak is embroidered with the symbol of a large , closed fist on the back. It resonates with power.

+8 to Strength, -6 to Int and Wisdom

Value: 2,000

Necklace of Arachnids
A black metal pendant of a spider is hung upon a silver cord. You occasionally get tingles all over your body as if thousands of spiders were crawling over you.

The necklace grants her immunity to entrapment by web spells or webs of any sort—she can actually move in webs at half her normal speed.
+2 Fortitude Saves against all poisons.
Spiders ignore wearer unless attacked or threatened.

Value: 8,000

Notable Magic Items

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