Rogan Halfheart

Jovial heavy fighter, long time friend of Luna.


Rogan Halfheart (Koreth) is a human fighter who originally served as ruler of The Isle of Sorrow as a general of the undead and evil. An assassination attempt by a rival wizard sent him to the Never Ending Chaos of Limbo where he was nearly lost. His memory wiped, he was luckily tossed through one of the very few portals out of limbo, straight into the Lasterian desert where he stumbled into Luna on her way to Xenth.

He is a tall, strongly built man with a completely shaved head and no facial hair. He bears a scar on his right shoulder;formerly the symbol of the Norcass Council before he scraped it off.

In his past he was a cruel, evil man who reveled in the death and suffering of others, but due to his experience in the Chaos of Limbo his personality was whipped clean. Now he holds a more benevolent personality adopted from his experiences with Luna and other travelers.

He values strength and direct action. While he may at first seem to be a simple brute he is actually quite wise for a warrior of his kind. While he may prefer a direct approach he is not above allowing those he thinks can handle a situation better do so; indeed, he is often silent in a group and prefers others lead.

Co-founder of The White Tiger Guild.


Rogan Halfheart

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