Given to The White Tiger Guild by Jimbo, Rob is an unusually intelligent zombie who was supposedly an adventurer in life. Although Rob possesses an intelligence, he is still barely sentient and has difficulty expressing himself verbally.

Rob is well rotted and reeks of decay; His irises are almost gone, leaving only light grey spots for eyes. He walks with a steady, but clumsy gait, occasionally dragging his feet. Brown hair sits in loose patches on his skull with white, bruised skin underneath hanging loosely from his emaciated body. Blood and other fluids slowly ooze from his mouth constantly.

Rob ‘heals’ naturally over time, similar to a living creature, which is quite strange for an undead who is perpetually rotting. He is incredibly resilient to destruction, as well, being able to be hacked to pieces and revived with a certain amount of careful reassembly.

If turned to ash, just add water.

Due to party ingenuity, Rob wears a Hat of Disguise that currently disguises him as an old, but alive, man draped in dirty robes. The party occasionally splashes him with cheap ale and cologne to mask the smell of rotting meat. People wonder why The White Tiger Guild would allow such as smelly vagrant to accompany them.




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