Darwell Flakstaff

Magocratic ruler of Xenth


Darwell is the aging and eccentric ruler of the oasis city of Xenth. He is also an extremely powerful wizard of vast knowledge and intelligence. Wanting ultimate isolation, he built a tower in the middle of the Lasterian Desert. Experiments with ancient elven spheres resulted in the creation of a large fertile and habitable oasis several miles around the tower which unintentionally brought travelers over the many decades he resided there.

Darwell isn’t interested in political power and instead devotes his time to the study of more obscure and unusual arcane and planar phenomenon while the city of Xenth essentially manages itself through strict laws.

His life was saved by a party of adventurers including Luna and Kayden when a sinister cult of Pyremius sought to use his knowledge on the spheres to essentially destroy the world. Although he is grateful for their assistance, he finds the debt paid after pardoning their raiding of his tower, the ‘granting’ of his construct Clocky and the payment of a large reward.

The party last encountered Darwell after he obliterated a band of highwaymen-turned-adventurers. His acts during the ordeal left a very bad taste in the party’s mouth despite his claims that the band had committed foul deeds in the past.


Darwell Flakstaff

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