DnD 3.5 (Terra)

Saving Lives

This adventure started off in the busy city of Cayman. The group had treasure to sell and shopping to be done. Winona headed off to the apothecary to purchase supplies for poisons. While there, Luna struck up a deal for the guild with Shortdirk, the apothecary owner. As long as we brought him ingredients from all over, anyone in the guild could have a 10% discount. Luna then went the armorer to commission a mithril chainmail shirt for Zyro. Though he laughed at first, the blacksmith couldn’t deny a job with gold up front. From there, Luna went to the leather worker to get guild embossed leather badges for every guild member. The group left the bustling city and headed off to the guild hall.

The party made it back to Gorakia only to find out that Rogan had caught someone several times trying to get in to the vault. Worried about the cube, the group ran to the vault. From there it only got stranger…Much like an acid trip, the walls and doors began to change. The group experienced chickens with strobe light eyes, a tentacled brain reading a book and hostile creatures that resembled giant earthworms legs and teeth. After defeating them, Orn found a talking Fork that loved to eat eyeballs. Winona noted a giant eyeball outside the guildhall and so they ran to feed the fork’s insatiable hunger. There they were attacked by The Screamer. A creature with a split down his head forming a very large mouth. His claws were deadly as poor Zyro found out. Orn avenged his fluffy comrade by attacking the creature with several critical blows. Luna was then able to save Zyro with some quick healing. The guild hall returned back to normal, or so the group thought.

The Cube began to communicate telepathically with Luna, where it used images and emotions to convey it’s story.. It announced that it was from another world where The Strangers abducted it. It admitted to being the cause to the loud humming and strange occurrences the group had experienced recently. Though it doesn’t do it on purpose, The Hypercube said it would try to keep the power from leaking over and causing the group harm. It was thankful for the rescue from The Strangers’ prison and would be happy to aid the party when possible.

After deciding the cube was best with them, the group decided to turn back to its guild responsibilities. Several letters and a box had arrived that needed urgent attention.

- A letter from the Stone Eye Dragon Hunters Guild in Tamtora came giving its congratulations to the group’s slaying of the evil white dragon. Enclosed was a silver medallion and an open welcome should we decide to visit.
- A letter from Tillian Willowbend from the Isle of Fallhollow arrived asking for an outside druid’s help with the local pond. Snake creatures have taken it over and polluted it. If we could successfully rid them of the problem, we could have full access to the city along with 5000g as a reward.
- The Queen from Diamond City sent a request for aid with animal attacks in Pintristin. Creatures from the local jungle are attacking lumberjacks ceasing collection of the lumber. If we can control the attacks and save the lumber trade, the queen promised the rare Pendant of Syrinal. This pendant allows the wearer complete protection from the natural attacks of undead.

While reading the letters, Winona took her box to her quarters to open privately. Despite being trapped, she was able to retrieve the letter inside with some slight burns. She kept the letter private to herself and tried to play it off as a joke between comrades though Luna knew better.

The group decided to start with the Diamond City’s request first. They figured the pendant could be very helpful with the dealings of the plague bearer. After portaling to the jungle, the group proceeded to gather information from the lumberjacks. Rumors were told that an elf woman turned in to a bear and mauled a man. That she was controlling animals to kill everyone in the forest. The group knew they had to be dealing with a druid. They took to the forest and found a corpse that didn’t look like an animal kill. It was obviously a sign from someone who wanted the lumberjacks out of the forest. They were approached by two bears, but Luna was able to talk them out of fighting. She got enough information to gather that it was indeed a druid named Zashi and that she was in a cave to the north. The group waited while the bears went back to talk to the druid.

During camp, Winona decided to open up to the group about her past and the mysterious box she received. She told them that her brother was kidnapped and she was blackmailed in to assassinating a nearby woman. The group told her they didn’t believe murder was the right idea, but that after they took care of the druid they would help her any way they could.
After morning and no sign of the bears returning, the group decided to take on the cave themselves. There they found a druid who believed that nature was always first and that the men should leave or die. Not agreeing with the way she was using the animals, the group attacked and killed her. Knowing that the threat was taken care of, the group left to go back to the Diamond City where they received the pendant.

The woman who Winona was told to kill, lived in Fairwood on Tamtora. The group knew they had other quests in that area so it was best to head straight to Tamtora. After finding out that the woman worked in a government building, Orn and Luna approached her to warn her. She knew nothing of the gang and seemed to be used to threats. While talking to her, Winona stole the necklace right off her neck and disappeared. Orn immediately went after her but wasn’t able to apprehend her. With some smooth talking, he was able to get the guards to back down and let both himself and Luna free. Knowing he might be too harsh on Winona, Luna went by herself to find Winonna. There she talked her in to returning the necklace and apologizing which Winonna did begrudgingly. The group decided to use their strange replicated wand to create a false head and necklace to take to the drop off point. There they set up a trap to catch the collector and find out where the gang’s base was.

Finding out that the bloody chain gang used a local city’s sewer for a base, the group immediately headed there. They fought several large cockroaches and swarms and trudged through disgusting water but were finally able to find some of the gang members. After dispatching several traps and members in a clever ambush, the group was able to get enough information stating that the gang leader was near a crater-like area to the southeast.

Now the group has to decide. Should they go after the gang leader before they discover the gang has been infiltrated? Or do they continue their main quest to save the world from the plague bearer?



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